VelaSense® by Visus

Enhance your everyday life with this easy-to-use app for the visually impaired. VelaSense uses your device's camera to deliver real-time feedback about objects and surroundings.

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Key Features

Social and
local connectivity

Find a local coffee shop or the nearest exit. Access Twitter, Google, YouTube, music and photos.



Magnify, adjust or highlight specific colors or aspects of an image to make everyday tasks, like shopping or putting together an outfit, easier and more enjoyable.



Simplify day-to-day tasks by using tools like the Barcode Reader to get accurate product prices, Text Recognition to read back text in an article, and more. VelaSense even gives you voice access to the Internet, news and social media.



Better manage daily apps like your alarm clock, music player, contacts manager and more. Use the Magnifier feature to help read text or see objects. Audio books are also available. These tools are arranged specifically for you, ensuring fast and easy access to your favorite apps whenever you need them.

Available on select Android Devices.

VelaSense is available for download at the Google Play store on select devices running Android 4.3 or newer.

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