Get to know
Verizon Messages.

  • Check your messages from your phone, tablet, computer or android wearable.
  • Share photos, videos, Gifs, location and check places to go via Yelp.
  • Create large groups (up to 250 participants).
  • Make and receive calls from your tablet over WiFi or cellular, domestic or international.
  • Send eGifts from over 50 merchants to friends or families.
  • Have any questions? Visit the community forum

    Take texting to
    a new level.

    • Create and share gifs with friends and family.
    • Show off your style with a personal avatar, custom backgrounds, fun fonts, and colorful emojis.
    • Get one-touch access to media search, data gifts, eGifts, driving mode and more.
    • Use the shared media filter to see pictures and videos from your conversations sorted by contact and content type.
    Take texting to a new level

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