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No one likes answering the phone when they don't know who's on the other end. Know who's calling with Verizon Call Filter. You can block unwanted calls based on risk level and silence the spam. 

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Got an Android device? Most already come preloaded with the Call Filter app and a 10-day trial of the paid service with each device purchase. Click on supported devices to see the complete list of eligible devices.

Questions? Visit our FAQs and How-to-Use Guide.

*Requires iOS 10+

Features included Call Filter
Call Filter Plus
$2.99/mo per line
$7.99/mo for 3+ lines
Spam detection
Spam filter
Report numbers
Identify unknown numbers  
Personal spam list  
Personal block list  
Risk meter  
Spam lookup  
Features included vary by device. Call Filter app required for advanced features, including spam filter.

Supported Devices