Always know who's calling with Verizon Caller Name ID.

With Caller Name ID, you'll never have to guess who is calling your smartphone. See the names and pictures of people who call you, even if they are not in your contacts. Start identifying unknown calls now with a 10‐day free trial of Caller Name ID.

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Verizon Caller Name ID


Verizon Caller Name ID for Android

Screen calls from people you don't know. See whose calls you've missed, even if the caller is not in your contacts.

Caller Name ID is preloaded on Android and many other devices. These devices include a 10‐day free trial. Click on Supported Devices for a complete list of eligible devices.

  • See caller's name and picture* on incoming calls
  • See caller names in your call logs
  • Add identified callers to contacts easily
  • Customize your own picture* for people you call

Verizon Caller Name ID for iPhone®

Sign up for the only integrated Caller ID solution for your iPhone. Always know who's calling, even when the caller is not in your contacts.

  • See caller's name on incoming calls and your call history
  • Easily add new callers to contacts
  • Get started today with a 10‐day free trial*
    1. From your iPhone go to
    2. Verify your phone number to activate your free trial.