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Manage what matters most.

From identifying late night texting to controlling data usage by line, FamilyBase gives parents insight and control over when, how and with whom your kids communicate.

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Get a little more protection

Protect your family and your wallet with FamilyBase.

Be in the know

See a dashboard of your kid(s) wireless usage. Know when and how your kid uses their phone. Set controls or limits on data, voice and messaging usage.

There’s an app for that?

View a list of all the applications installed on your kid's device and which of those apps they use the most. Be a hero and give your kid an allowance to purchase those most wanted apps.

Tired of arguing?

Kids still texting during school hours, at the dinner table or late at night? Lock their phone on demand or define restricted times of use.

New friend?

Explore the contacts your kid has made, old and new. Add always trusted contacts or block those that are undesirable.

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    Set controls

    View your kids' usage activity, (including texts, calls and contacts) set controls and send the companion app to any of your kids' capable devices to get additional features like app usage and more!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is FamilyBase?

FamilyBase is a service to monitor wireless activities and set usage limits and restrictions for each user on an account. FamilyBase can help your children better understand how to use their devices responsibily and safely. The insights this service provides, presented in one simple dashboard, are especially helpful for parents or anyone who has multiple family members on the same account. You can also use FamilyBase to avoid unexpected overage charges for your own device or any other devices on your account.

With FamilyBase, you can:

  • Gain insights into your children's wireless activities:
    • Calls - Contacted number, call duration, date/time
    • Texts - Contacted numbers, date/time
    • Apps* - Name of app, date/time downloaded, hours of user per app
    • Contacts - View by name*
    • Receive email and/or free text alerts on activity and usage
  • Set up controls for each user, including:
    • Set time restrictions for when a device can't be used
    • Block contacts that you don't want you child to call or text
    • Create trusted contacts that can be communicated with anytime, except when the device is locked
    • Set limites on usage for data, messages, calls and purchases
    • Lock your child's phone on demand*

For $4.99/month for your entire account, you can use this tool to monitor and manage when, how and with whom your children, or anyone on your account, communicates. We also offer a 1 month free trial to try out FamilyBase before you add the service to your account.

Q: How much does FamilyBase cost?

FamilyBase costs $4.99/month for your entire account. There are no additional text or data charges.

Note: Each phone must have both a data and text plan with Verizon Wireless for FamilyBase to work properly.

See full FAQ for additional questions.