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  • Spoken turn-by-turn navigation with real-time traffic
  • Traffic routing and alerts, speed limits, and more
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Available on Windows Phone 8

VZ Navigator brings a rich experience to Windows Phone. You can easily pin your favorite spots to your Start screen, share your location via messaging, email or social networks, and more!

  • Interact using panorama view, swipe actions and tile-based favorites.
  • Easily share using Windows Phone's Share feature
  • Existing customers: Bring your recents with you to Windows Phone.

Get where you need to be

Use real-time, turn-by-turn spoken directions with street names and true-to-life images of highway and exit signs, many in 3D. Advanced navigation instructions include landmarks such as traffic lights and number of streets.

  • Choose your preferred route with Route Selector.
  • Beat the gridlock with our real-time traffic alerts.
  • Take advantage of safety features with school zone notifications and customizable speed limit warnings.
  • See which lane(s) to take for highway maneuvers, exits, complex street turns and intersections.

Be the local expert

Discover millions of destinations and businesses that are constantly updated for accuracy, including the nearest ATMs and low gas prices. Search by name or category: restaurants, shopping, airports, museums and more.

  • Get traffic alerts and local weather forecast.
  • Find the lowest-reported gas prices.
  • Update your location via Facebook® or email.

Navigation made easy

Whether you're looking for a place or event, or just trying to get directions, we've made it easy for you with our Single Search Box. Just start typing what you want and we'll help finish it. Or say what you want using our automatic speech recognition for a safer experience.

  • Get going quickly from the unique "carousel" start screen.
  • Find any address or place in a single text-entry box.
  • Search for your destination safely with advanced speech recognition.

Price Options

Monthly subscription


One-day use


How to download to your device:

1Locate app

  • Search your phone's app marketplace for VZ Navigator, or
  • Download VZ Navigator on AppStore, Google Play, or Windows Phone Apps+Games Store by clicking the button for the corresponding store.

1Download and subscribe

  • Download from the store and subscribe or cancel from within in the app.
  • Unsubscribe anytime from within the application.
    (Go to Menu > Preferences > advanced > My Account)

Price Options

Monthly subscription


New low price: One-day use


How to download to your device:

A shortcut to get VZ Navigator may already be available on your device. If not, the steps to download VZ Navigator vary by the type of phone you have. One of the following two instructions will work on your device. If not, contact Support.


  1. Open Media Center
  2. Select Browse & Download
  3. Select Shop Applications
  4. Select Get New Applications
  5. Select Travel and Location
  6. Select and Download VZ Navigator


  1. Open Media Center
  2. Open Apps
  3. Select Shop Apps
  4. Select Tools and Applications
  5. Select Travel and Location
  6. Select and Download VZ Navigator