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Life doesn't always slow down long enough for you to listen to a voicemail. That's why Verizon's premium voicemail products allow you to have your voicemails transcribed and delivered as texts so you can read on the go.

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Terms & conditions


Monthly subscription & compatible device req'd. Data usage applies for app download/use.


Clear, reliable text transcription delivered to your voicemail app or text messaging stream.

Save time

Get the information you need without having to listen to long messages.

Read your

See who left you a message before you answer it. Listen to or delete voicemails in any order.

More storage

Store up to 40 five-minute messages in your voice mailbox. You can also save your messages to your phone's memory to keep them.

Voicemail to Text.
Now available for iPhone.

Have your voice messages delivered to you as text messages. Get the information you need without listening to long messages. Compatible with all iPhone models.

Premium Visual
Voicemail for Android

Read your voice messages right from your voicemail app. Free 30 day trial for first time customers.