Certified Pre-Owned Device Quality Checklist

To ensure Verizon Wireless customers are provided only the highest quality replacement devices our Certified Pre-Owned Device units go through the following repair and refurbishment process and must pass a 100+ point quality check in 10 key categories.

The Verizon Wireless Centralized Returns Warehouse (CRW) is an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility. ISO 9001:2000 standards require an organization to maintain an ongoing process of quality management and measurement focused on meeting customer needs and expectations. CRW also follows additional quality procedures such as ANSI Z1.4-2003 to ensure all quality checks are performed to rigorous quality standards.

During this sequence of steps each handset that becomes a Certified Pre-Owned Device is power cycled up to nine times, receives at least two manual functional tests, electronically function-tested four times, and checked for/cleared of any possible customer information at least twice, as well as passes numerous other quality checks.

Only devices that pass our quality
standards earn the right to receive
the Certified Pre-Owned Device

Pre-Owned Certerfid Device

10 Key Quality Check Categories

1. Power
2. Display
3. Audio
4. Keypad Functionality
5. Port Functionality
6. Radio Frequency (RF) Call testing , Signal Functionality and Call Capable
7. BroadbandAccess EV-DO (Evolution-Data Only) 3G high-speed digital data service Signal Functionality Test
8. Advanced Function Testing
9. Software Upgrades and Customer Information Clear
10. Cosmetics and Assembly