Bring Your Own Device

Do you already have a phone that you'd like to begin using on your Verizon?

Whether you're new to Verizon or an existing customer, we can help you add a device you already own to your account and start using it right away.

Sign in to My Verizon to bring your own device to your account. You can:

Five Things to Know About Bringing Your Own Device to Verizon

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Did you know that you can bring a device you already own over to Verizon? Keep the phone you love (and already paid for) and take advantage of Verizon's network. Here are five things to know about making the switch!

    Frequently Asked Questions

      Can I add a device to my Verizon account that I used previously with a different wireless carrier?

      That depends on the device you'd like to bring. Check your phone's eligibility on the Bring Your Own Device page. Enter the device's ID to find out if it's eligible to add to your Verizon account.

      Can I bring a device that I used with a previous carrier and keep my old number?

      Yes. We refer to that as "porting your number." For more information about porting your number, see our Port Your Number to Verizon FAQs.

      How do I add a device I already own on a new line on my Verizon account?

      Follow the steps below to add a device you already own to a new or existing line on your account.

      1. From desktop/mobile/tablet – Visit our Activate a device you already own page in My Verizon. Choose whether you want to add the device to a new or existing line, and then follow the instructions.
      2. From the My Verizon app -
        1. From the Menu, tap Devices
        2. Tap Add device
        3. Select Activate a device I already own
        4. Follow the instructions on the following screens to activate your device.

      Can I swap devices with someone else on my account and still keep my phone number?

      Yes, but we refer to that as "switching—or swapping—devices." Or you can swap numbers between two devices on your account, also. See our Swap Phone Numbers between Devices on Your Account page.

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