Alaska Service FAQs

General Information about Alaska Service

  1. What wireless services are available in Alaska and how can I sign up online?

    In Alaska, we offer HD Voice and data services on our 4G LTE network.

    To sign up for service in Alaska, shop for an HD Voice-capable device and plan online.

    For more information about HD Voice including instructions and troubleshooting visit our HD Voice FAQs.

  2. What areas in Alaska does your service cover?

    For coverage in your area, please refer to our Coverage Locator.

  3. Who do I contact about Verizon Wireless service if I'm a business or government customer in Alaska?

    Business and government customers can contact the following people for more information:

    • State of Alaska and Department of Defense
      Charles Bock: (907) 312-0309,
    • Federal and Municipality Accounts
      Amy Reed: (907) 312-0311,
    • Other Business
      (907) 777-9800

Traveling to Alaska

  1. I'm planning to travel to Alaska. Will I have service?

    If you're taking a cruise to Alaska, refer to our Trip Planner tool for rate and coverage information while onboard the ship.

    For coverage information within Alaska, refer to our Coverage Locator. Enter the cities you plan to travel to in the field provided, and you'll be shown a map with coverage details. You may also want to check your current plan details to see if you'll be charged while roaming. That information is listed on the My Plan page in My Verizon.