Amazon® App Suite FAQs

General Information

  1. What is the Amazon app suite?

    The Amazon app suite provides access to all of Amazon's digital content and shopping right from your mobile device's Home screen.

    In one fully integrated and easy-to-use experience, you can access:

    • Amazon digital content you already own
    • Millions of Kindle™ books and songs
    • Millions of physical products
  2. What are the benefits of the Amazon app suite?

    The Amazon app suite provides the following benefits:

    • Plenty of content - Instantly access over 22 million books and songs.

    • Seamless shopping - Browse or search through a vast selection of physical products with the integrated mobile shopping experience. You'll also have personalized recommendations, customer reviews and more.

    • Cross-category search - Use one search field on your Home screen to search across Amazon’s full selection of physical products, Kindle books and music.

    • Single sign in - Sign in once from your Home screen to access all of Amazon's mobile shopping, Kindle and MP3 apps.

    • Amazon's 1-Click ordering - Skip the shopping cart and checkout process by using the default payment method and shipping address on your account.

    • Buy once, enjoy everywhere - Access your content from virtually any device or platform you choose.

  3. Which apps are included in the Amazon app suite?

    The following apps are included in the Amazon app suite:

    • Amazon Mobile - Shop millions of products wherever you go
    • Amazon Kindle - Choose from over 1 million books to read
    • Amazon MP3 - Find, buy and play music anywhere
    • Amazon App Store - Choose from over 200,000 apps and games
    • Audible - Explore premium digital audiobooks and more
    • IMDb® - Find show times, watch trailers, read news and search all of IMDb
  4. Which devices are preloaded with the Amazon app suite?

    The Amazon app suite comes already installed on select Android™ phones with Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and higher.

  5. Can I remove the preloaded Amazon app suite from my device?

    The preloaded Amazon app suite can't be removed from your device. However, you can remove it from the Home screen or disable it through your device's Settings menu.

    For device-specific instructions, please refer to our Interactive Simulators. Select your device from the list and go to the Home Screen and Personalization section for a step-by-step visual walkthrough. You can also refer to your User Guide.

  6. Do I need to sign in to each app in the Amazon app suite separately?

    No, the Amazon app suite lets you sign in once with your username and password to the Amazon Mobile, Amazon Kindle and Amazon MP3 apps.

    Shortcuts are included within the Amazon app suite to additional Amazon apps (e.g., Audible and IMDb) which each have a separate sign-in process.

  7. Can I use the Amazon app suite if I don’t already have an account?

    Yes, you can sign up for a free account directly from the Amazon app suite.

  8. What are the data charges associated with the apps in the Amazon app suite?

    Data charges will be based on your current plan. To view your data plan, go to the My Plan page in My Verizon.

  9. Will purchases that I make from the Amazon app suite be displayed on my Verizon Wireless bill?

    No, Amazon doesn't currently offer an option to charge a purchase to your Verizon bill. You can select from the payment options available within each app to make a purchase.

  10. Who can I call if I have a question regarding a purchase or charge made from the Amazon app suite?

    You should direct all questions concerning goods that you've purchased from the Amazon app suite, or the charges for those goods, to Amazon. To contact Amazon directly, visit Amazon’s Contact Us page on their website.

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