Bill to Account FAQs

General Information

  1. What is the bill to account option?

    Bill to account is a payment option that allows qualified Verizon Wireless customers to bill equipment, services or third party content  to your account instead of using another method of payment, such as a debit card, credit card or gift card. View transactions eligible for billing to your account.

  2. What determines if I’m eligible for the bill to account option?

    The following factors determine bill to account eligibility:

    • You must have an active standard monthly account (i.e., not prepaid).

    • The maximum amount that can be billed to any of your accounts in 30 days is $450. The 30 days is based on the bill cycle date of your oldest active account.

      Note: Your spending limit includes pending and recent transactions billed to your account by phone, online or in-store during your current bill cycle. For example, if your spending limit is $450 and you purchased a $100 item in-store and billed it to your account earlier in your bill cycle, your online bill to account transaction can't exceed $350.

    • Your account must maintain a good payment history. For example:
      • The account can't have been interrupted for non-payment within the last 6 months.
      • The account can't be more than $24.99 past due.
      • The account must be permitted to make payments online.

    • Your account can't currently have a security deposit.

    • The phones on your account can't be interrupted for suspected fraudulent activity.

    • For third party charges, you can use Google Play or other participating merchants, or use Verizon Messages to bill gift cards or data gifts to your account.

    • To choose Bill to Account when purchasing online, you must be signed in as the Account Owner or an Account Manager in My Verizon and process your transaction from the:
      • Upgrade Device page to upgrade your current device
      • Phones and Devices page (e.g., add a line) to get a new device or purchase accessories
      • The billing and shipping addresses for the order must be the same.

    Learn more about My Verizon account roles.

  3. If I’m a new customer, can I bill my purchase to my account?

    No, please refer to the bill to account customer requirements so you'll know when you're eligible for this option.

  4. Can I choose to bill a purchase to my account if I’m registered for My Verizon?

    It depends. To determine if you’re eligible for the bill to account option, refer to the bill to account customer requirements.

  5. Which transactions can I bill to my account?

    You can bill to your account when you complete any of the following transactions:


  6. How much can I bill to my account?

    You can bill up to $450 in a 30 day period across all your accounts with Verizon Wireless, if you meet all eligibility requirements. This includes items you may have billed to your account through some other source (over the phone with Customer Service, in a store, etc.).

    Note: Pending or recent transactions factor into the $450 bill cycle limit.

  7. If I choose the bill to account option, when do I have to pay off the balance?

    Any charges you make with the bill to account option will appear on your next bill. You’ll need to pay off the balance by the due date of that month’s bill.

  8. When I choose the bill to account option, do I incur interest charges?

    No, you won’t be charged interest when you choose the bill to account option.

    Note: If you aren’t able to pay any part of your bill on time, our standard late fee charges will apply.

  9. Where does the bill to account option appear in My Verizon?

    The bill to account option is a checkbox on the payment options screen that you see when you’re checking out if you're eligible. Also, on that same page, you’ll see the options to pay by debit card, credit card or gift card.

  10. Why is the bill to account option not appearing for me?

    The bill to account option appears only if your account and transaction are eligible. View eligibility requirements. View eligible transactions.

  11. How do bill to account transactions appear on my bill?

    Bill to account transactions will appear as "Equipment Charges" on your bill.