BlackBerry 7

Release Date: July 26, 2011
Note: BlackBerry 7 is not currently available on all devices.

Get more ways to stay connected and stay productive with BlackBerry 7. Create your own Wi-Fi hotspot to connect other devices on-the-go. Interact with your surroundings using innovative technologies and share instantly with BlackBerry Tag. All on a high-resolution, Liquid Graphics™ display.

The steps to find the current OS version varies by device. Below are general instructions that work for most BlackBerry devices. For detailed instructions about a specific device, please check the user guide.

To check your current BlackBerry OS version:

  1. Select the Options icon on the Home screen (it may be in a Settings folder, depending on your theme).
  2. Select Device.
  3. Select About Device Versions to display version information.


Key Features

Mobile Hotspot

Stay productive on-the-go with the Mobile Hotspot on your BlackBerry. Simply create a hotspot in Manage Connections, and then share it with up to five capable mobile devices simultaneously.

Innovative Technologies

With the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in your BlackBerry, you can instantly connect with other NFC-enabled devices with a simple touch. Augmented Reality helps you find BlackBerry Messenger (BBM™) friends close by and serves up information on businesses and landmarks around you.

BlackBerry Tag

Take advantage of powerful sharing with BlackBerry Tag. Hold your NFC-enabled BlackBerry Smartphone up to another to invite a friend to BBM™ and share contact information, apps in BlackBerry App World™, documents, media and more.

Liquid Graphics

Get the fastest, most attractive BlackBerry experience with Liquid Graphics. The system responds to you instantly with beautiful graphics and smooth animations. Take advantage of its new high-resolution screen to magnify your photos, browser images and more.