Delphi Connect 4G LTE Software Update

This software update includes enhancements to device and network security, as well as a number of improvements in overall system performance and usability.

System Update

Software Version: 233LVZ14

Latest device and data security patches

Improves overall device and data security.

Wi-Fi hotspot

More stable Wi-Fi hotspot connections.

Trip Accuracy

General device and software improvements to fix user-reported issues with trip accuracy reporting.

Updated: 12/10/2015

System Update Instructions

Your Delphi Connect will automatically start downloading the software update when:

  • The device is plugged into the OBDII port and has been properly installed in to the vehicle.
  • It's connected to the Verizon Wireless network and notified that there is a software update ready for downloading.
  • The vehicle's engine is off, in order to safely start the download.

You'll see a white LED light blinking in 1 second on / 1 second off increments while a software update is in progress.

You can use the device hotspot management web interface to verify the software update.

  • While the vehicle engine is on, connect a smartphone or laptop to the Delphi ACT233L.
  • Open a web browser and enter in the browser address bar.
  • Select About Delphi Connect, enter your admin password in the input box, and select the Info tab.
  • Verify the following details in the Info tab:
    • Model Number: ACT233L
    • FW Version: 233LVZ14