Verizon Employee Phone Program (EPP) FAQs

This page provides details about the Verizon Employee Phone Program, (EPP) including how to trade-in and get a new device, how to activate a device you already own, or paying your bill in My Verizon.

For information on discounts for employees of companies, or those organizations that have an agreement for wireless service with Verizon Wireless, go to our Employee & Military Discounts & Validation FAQs.

General Information

  1. Where can Verizon employees get support for their Employee Accounts?

    Verizon employees enrolled in the Employee Phone Program (EPP) are not able to receive in-store support, but there are several options for immediate help:

  2. How do I activate service if I already have a device?

    This is called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). For more information about BYOD and next steps, see My Verizon Support - Using My Verizon to Activate a Phone - BYOD.

    Note: Employees do not receive in-store support. For transactions like ordering a new SIM card, please contact Customer Service.

  3. How do I trade in my current device for a new one?

    The Trade-in Program is a great way to save money on a new phone. For more information about how to trade in your device, please refer to these pages:

    How to Use Guide: Device Trade-in Program

    Device Trade-in Program FAQs

  4. Can I make a payment arrangement on a past due bill?

    Yes. You can make a payment arrangement through My Verizon, the My Verizon app or by calling #BAL from your mobile phone.

    Note: Customer Service representatives are not able to make payment arrangements over the phone.

  5. How can I monitor data usage on my account?

    Verizon Smart Family™ (formerly Verizon FamilyBase®) can help you monitor data usage and set usage limits and restrictions for each user on an account. With Verizon Smart Family you can:

    • Gain insights into your children's wireless activities:
      • Calls - Contacted number, call duration, date/time
      • Texts - Contacted numbers, date/time
      • Receive email and/or free text alerts on activity and usage
    • Set up controls for each user, including:
      • Set time restrictions for when a device can't be used
      • Block contacts that you don't want your child to call or text
      • Create trusted contacts that can be communicated with anytime, except when the device is locked
      • Set limits on data usage, messages, calls and purchases

    For questions on how to monitor account usage, please refer to our Verizon Smart Family FAQs.