How to Use Guide: Porting Your Number to Wireless Home Phone

When subscribing to Wireless Home Phone, you have the option of activating a new line of service or, if you qualify, transferring (i.e., porting) your existing landline or wireless number from another carrier.

Note: Your number with your current service provider must be active and working. Check your number's eligibility online.

To port your existing number to Wireless Home Phone

    Step 1

    After choosing the Wireless Home Phone device, plan and accessories, proceed to checkout. On the Customer Information page, you'll be given the option to activate a new number or transfer your existing number.

    Step 2

    Select Transfer number from another carrier, and supply the required account and billing information for your existing number.

    Choose Transfer From another carrier

    Note: Be sure to provide information from your existing account. Providing invalid information will delay porting because a Customer Service Representative will need to contact you for the correct details.

    Step 3

    Review the terms of service. If you agree to the conditions, check the box and click Continue to proceed to the Payment Information page and complete Checkout.

    If you agree check I agree and click the Continue Button

    Depending on the type of number you’re requesting to port and the response time from your current service provider, your port to Wireless Home Phone will be completed in the approximate time length:

    • Wireless number: 4-24 business hours
    • Landline number: 2-10 business days

    To check the status of your port request, call (877) 567-4899.


    Additional Details
    • Prior to porting your number: If you have any special features associated with your existing number, like Internet / DSL, or have Internet / DSL as part of a bundle package, please contact your current service provider to find out whether this change affects your service.

    • During the porting process:
      • Don't request to disconnect your existing number or make changes to your service with your current service provider.
      • You'll be able to make calls on your Wireless Home Phone, but you won't be able to receive calls until the process is complete.
    • Wireless Home Phone is not compatible with:
      • Fax machines
      • Certain home security systems
      • DSL or dial-up Internet service
      • DVRs
      • DISH Network® or DIRECTV®
      • Mobile merchant machines (credit card machines)
    • Wireless Home Phone can’t be used to make or receive collect calls.

    For more information about porting a number, visit our Port Your Number to Verizon FAQs, which cover porting your number to a mobile phone. Visit our Wireless Home Phone FAQs for more information about the service.