How to Restore Contacts on Basic Phones Using Backup Assistant

You can find Backup Assistant in the application store on your device. Depending on your device model, the store may be called Media Center or Get It Now®. Open the main menu of your device to find out which store you have. Note that the colors and background will vary.

Download Backup Assistant

    Download Backup Assistant on a Media Center Device
    1. From the main menu, find and select Media Center, then select Browse & Download.

    2. If you see Backup Assistant in the Browse & Download menu, continue to Step 3.

      Note: If you don't see Backup Assistant, select Get New Applications, scroll to Backup Assistant in the app catalog, and click OK.

    3. Select Backup Assistant. Depending on your device, the application might be preloaded, or you may need to download it first.

      1. If you see the Backup Assistant screen below, then the application is preloaded on your device.  Continue to the Set Up Backup Assistant section  below.

      2. Otherwise, you need to download Backup Assistant first. Press the OK or Center Select key to start the download.

      3. When the download completes, select Yes to run the application. Continue to the Set up Backup Assistant section below.
    Download Backup Assistant on a Get it Now Device
    1. From the main menu, find and select Get It Now, then select Tools on the Go.

    2. Select Get New Applications.

    3. Select either Business Tools / Information or Best Sellers.

    4. Select Backup Assistant and follow the prompts to download and run the application. Continue to the Set Up Backup Assistant section below.

Set Up Backup Assistant

    Set Up
    1. When you see the Backup Assistant Welcome screen, press Next to begin setting up your account.

    2. You will be prompted to enter the four- to eight-digit PIN you created when you activated Backup Assistant. If you forgot your PIN, press the # key to have it sent to your device.

      Note: You won't be able to have the PIN sent to your device if the feature was disabled during initial setup of Backup Assistant.

      Any contacts on your device will be saved to the secure Backup Assistant server, and your address book will now be protected. The application will back up changes to your address book daily. When you switch to a different device, simply activate Backup Assistant on your new device to automatically restore all your contacts.