Meaning of LED Status Indicators on the Verizon Wireless Network Extender

The LED status indicators on your Verizon Wireless Network Extender device tell you if your device is functioning correctly. For more information on LED status indicators refer to the information below.

Network Extender Status Indicators

    Network Extender LED Indicators PWR (Power): No illumination indicates there is an issue with the power supply, power connector, or power source.
    • Solid blue: The Network Extender is receiving power.

    • Magenta: An abnormal power condition exists.
    SYS (System connected): If the System LED continuously alternates from solid red to quickly flashing red, it may be necessary to enable ports 500, 4500, 53, and 52428 on the modem / router. Contact the Internet Service Provider (ISP), Network Administrator, or equipment manufacturer for further assistance.
    • Persistent Solid Magenta: Failure condition.

    • Persistent solid red or slow / fast-blinking red: Abnormal condition.

    • Solid blue: The Network Extender is registered and properly communicating with the Verizon Wireless network.
    GPS (GPS signal)
    • Blinking blue or red red (fast): Searching for GPS.

    • Persistent solid red: The internal antenna may not be able to detect a GPS signal (the external GPS antenna may be required).

    • Solid blue: Position fix has been attained and GPS function is providing accurate timing.

    • Persistent solid magenta (while the System LED is slow blinking red): Failure condition.
    WAN (Ethernet connection): No illumination indicates there is an issue with the Ethernet cable or that the modem / router is not powered on.
    • Solid blue: The Network Extender is properly communicating with the modem / router.

    • Blinking blue:  Data communication is occurring.

    • Solid red: The Network Extender is unable to communicate with the modem / router.
    Normal Progression of LEDs at Start Up

    Here is the normal progression of LEDs that will occur when you start up your Verizon Wireless Network Extender. This process will take approximately 6 to 10 minutes to complete.

    1. Power and WAN LEDs are solid blue. System and GPS LEDs are solid magenta. (approx. 1 minute)

    2. System LED begins flashing fast red; GPS LED is solid magenta. (1-2 minutes)

    3. System LED begins flashing slow red; GPS is solid red. (1-2 minutes)

    4. System LED is flashing slow red; GPS LED begins flashing fast red. (1-2 minutes)

    5. System LED is flashing slow red; GPS LED flashes then turns solid blue (approx. 5 seconds)

    6. System LED continues flashing slow red then turns solid blue. (2-3 minutes)