How to use Verizon Smart Locator

Verizon Smart Locator helps you keep track of what's most important to you. Attach a Verizon Smart Locator to an item, and then you can check that item's location from your Android™ smartphone or iPhone® anytime with the Verizon Smart Locator Hub app.

Go to our Verizon Smart Locator FAQs for more information.


How to get your Verizon Smart Locator

    Get Verizon Smart Locator

    You can buy a Smart Locator online, through the My Verizon app or in a Verizon store or Authorized Retailer.

    You can download the Verizon Smart Locator Hub app from:

How to activate your Smart Locator

    Activate your Smart Locator

    To activate your Smart Locator:

    1. Fully charge your Smart Locator, and press the button to turn it on.
    2. Open the Verizon Smart Locator Hub app on your phone.
    3. Tap Scan QR Code, and scan the QR code located on the back of the Verizon Smart Locator or on the packaging it came in.

      Note: If you aren't able to scan the QR code, you can enter the IMEI number manually. The IMEI is printed on the back of the Verizon Smart Locator.
    4. Select whether you're an existing Verizon customer or are new to Verizon.

      Note: If you already have a Verizon account, you'll be prompted to sign in to My Verizon.
    5. Review the Verizon Smart Locator plan. If you agree, accept the Terms & Conditions.
    6. When prompted, hold the button on the Verizon Smart Locator for 3 seconds to restart the device.

      Note: You'll hear the device beep and see the light turn on.
    7. Wait for the amber light to start to blink, showing the device is active on the Verizon network and ready to finish pairing

      Note: This can take up to 5 minutes to complete.
    8. Tap Finish Pairing in the Verizon Smart Locator Hub app.
    9. The device will pair itself to your phone and your Smart Locator account.

      Note: This can take up to 2 minutes to complete.
    10. Tap Continue Setup in the Verizon Smart Locator Hub app when the button appears.

    You've successfully activated your Verizon Smart Locator.


    Having trouble activating?

    Try activating through My Verizon instead:

    1. Go to the Bring Your Own Device page in My Verizon.
    2. Follow the onscreen prompts to activate the device on a new line.

      Note: You’ll need to provide your device ID (IMEI). It's listed on the back of your Verizon Smart Locator.
    3. Once your Smart Locator is activated, go back to the Smart Locator Hub app and complete the pairing process.

    If you're still having trouble, you can call Customer Service or take the device to a Verizon store for help.

How to manage your device profile

    Change the nickname and photo of your Smart Locator

    You can manage your device profile in the Smart Locator Hub app:

    1. Tap the Device Profile icon on the navigation bar.

    2. Tap the photo for the device you want to update.
    3. Edit the nickname and photo as desired.

    You've successfully changed your nickname and photo.


How to manage alerts

    Set time-based alerts and Sleep Mode

    You can set how often the Smart Locator sends its location to your phone, from every minute up to every 3 hours. These are referred to as time-based alerts or the alert schedule. You’re able to set a different alert schedule for the device for each day of the week (e.g., every 30 mins on Mon - Fri and every 2 hours on Sat - Sun).

    When you first set up your Smart Locator, you're required to set at least one time-based alert schedule.

    Sleep Mode is the time period when the Smart Locator shuts down entirely to conserve battery life. Any time not included in your alerts schedule is your Sleep Mode time period. Typically, this is set to when you're sleeping.

    To edit your time-based alerts and Sleep Mode:

    1. In the Smart Locator Hub app, tap the Device Profile icon.
    2. In the Time-based alerts section, tap the Edit icon.

    3. When you see a view of the week and the current schedule, tap the Edit icon in the top-right corner of the schedule.
    4. Select the days, time frames and how often you'd like to receive alerts. The days and time frames not included in the schedule will be set as your Sleep Mode times.

    You've successfully edited the time-based alerts and Sleep Mode for your Smart Locator. If the device is currently in Sleep Mode, these changes will go into effect when the device wakes up.


    • The more frequently you set the device to send its location to your phone, the more battery it will consume. Additionally, shorter Sleep Mode times will cause more battery drainage.

    • If the device hasn't moved (the internal accelerometer will detect if it's in motion or not), it won't report a new location at the set intervals you’ve selected. The device knows that it hasn't changed locations since the last alert, and it's trying to save battery. If the device moves at all, it will wake up and send a location update.


    Set up location-based alerts

    Location-based alerts send you a notification when your Smart Locator arrives at a specific address. This is also called a geo-fence alert.

    To set up or edit your location-based alerts:

    Note: If you're in the initial setup process for your device, tap Customize Tracking when prompted. Then tap Location Alerts and skip to step 3 below.

    1. In the Smart Locator Hub app, tap the Device Profile icon.

    2. In the Location alerts square, tap the Edit icon.

    3. When the map opens, enter an address you want to receive alerts for, or select an existing address you want to edit.

      Note: You can also delete an existing geo-fence from this screen.

    4. Adjust the radius of the circle around the address by using your finger. This will set your geo-fence boundary, which will trigger an alert if the Smart Locator crosses that boundary.

    5. Once you have the correct size geo-fence, tap Next.

    6. Name your geo-fence (e.g., Home, School, Work, etc.).

    7. Use the time period dial to set a time period for when you want that geo-fence active.

    You've successfully set up a location-based alert. If the device is in Sleep Mode, these changes will update when the device wakes up.

    Note: You can have as many location alerts as you need. However, the location alerts (geo-fencing) can cause the battery of the device to drain faster. The more location alerts that are set up, and the more frequent your time frequency alerts, the faster the battery will drain. 


How to manage tracking

    Manually locate your Smart Locator

    You can manually locate your device at any time:

    1. Open the Smart Locator Hub app.
    2. Tap the On-Demand icon on the map dashboard.


    Make your Smart Locator beep

    If you're near your Smart Locator but can't find it, you can make it beep:

    1. In the Smart Locator Hub app, tap the Device Profile icon.

    2. Scroll down and tap Find Smart Locator.

    The Smart Locator will start to beep. Once you find the Smart Locator, press the button on the Smart Locator to turn the beeping off.


    Use real-time tracking

    You can track your Smart Locator in real time, however, this significantly drains your Smart Locator's battery. We recommend you only use it when absolutely necessary.

    To turn on real-time tracking:

    1. Open the Smart Locator Hub app.
    2. Tap the Real-Time Tracking icon on the map dashboard.

    View tracking history

    You can review up to 60 days of location history. After 60 days this data is automatically deleted.

    To view your tracking history:

    1. Open the Smart Locator Hub app.
    2. Tap the Show activity on map switch on the map dashboard.

    Once on, the map will display all the activity that the Smart Locator had for that day. To view activity for a different day, use the left and right arrow icons to scroll through your tracking history.

How to understand the LED light patterns

    Understand the LED light patterns

    Blinks green once every 3 seconds: Connected to your charger.

    Solid green (no blinks): Charging is complete. Disconnect from your charger.

    3 green blinks: Tracker is receiving a location update.

    Solid green for 5 seconds: Battery level is above 20%.

    Solid amber for 5 seconds: Battery level is below 20%.

    No blinks: Power is off.

How to perform a factory reset

    Perform factory reset

    To perform a factory reset:

    1. Connect the charger to your Verizon Smart Locator. The green LED light will blink 3 times.
    2. Press the button 4 times slowly (holding for 1 second per click). The LED light will blink amber.
    3. Press the button once.

    You've successfully completed a factory reset on your Verizon Smart Locator.

How to cancel your subscription

    Cancel your subscription to Verizon Smart Locator

    To cancel your Verizon Smart Locator subscription:

    1. In the Verizon Smart Locator Hub app, tap the Menu icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.
    2. Tap Cancel your service and follow the onscreen prompts to finish canceling.

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