Apple® iPad® FAQs

General Information

  1. Which iPad is the best? How is each iPad different?

    To see a comparison chart for the iPads we sell, visit our iPad Overview page and click Compare.

  2. What data plans are available for iPad?

    The following data plans are available for iPad:

    • The new Verizon Plan - Experience the freedom of unlimited data on America's best network with the new Verizon Plan. You can add your tablet to any shared data size of the new Verizon Plan. If you mix and match unlimited data on your account, or don't have a phone on your account, we offer a couple data-only plans, including an unlimited option, for you to choose from.

    • The Verizon Plan - If you already subscribe to this plan, you can add an iPad to it.

    • Prepaid plan - Pay month-to-month with a credit/debit card. To learn more, visit our Prepaid Plan Overview page. You can activate prepaid plans directly from your iPad with the activation feature in the Settings menu.

    • The MORE Everything® Plan - If you already subscribe to this plan, you can add an iPad to it.

    For business account plan information, visit Verizon Wireless Business Solutions or Verizon Enterprise Center.

  3. Can I replenish my iPad prepaid data allowance within the month?

    Yes, you can add additional data on prepaid plans from iPad Settings menu at any time. You'll be billed for the additional data when the current data bundle is depleted or your renewal date arrives, whichever comes first. Also, you'll receive usage notifications when the following amounts of data remain: approximately 2%, 1% and 0 MB.

  4. Can I view my iPad data usage through My Verizon?

    Yes, the methods you can do this vary by the type of plan you have.

    • The new Verizon Plan and other standard plans: You can view your data usage on the My Usage page in My Verizon or with the My Verizon app.

      Note: Usage meters don't show for unlimited plans.

    • Prepaid plan: You can check usage and change your plan directly from your iPad.

    • Business customers: You can view your data usage in My Business Account or Verizon Enterprise Center.

    We'll also send an alert to your email address when you're approaching and when you exceed your monthly data allowance.

  5. I have a prepaid data plan for my iPad. How can I switch to the new Verizon Plan that's billed to my account?

    Before changing to the new Verizon Plan, you must first delete your prepaid account by following these steps on your iPad:

    1. Tap Settings.
    2. Tap Cellular Data.
    3. Tap View Account.
    4. Tap Enter Customer Information.
    5. Tap Add or Change Data Plan.
    6. Tap Cancel Plan.
    7. Tap Delete Account Now.

    You've successfully deleted your prepaid account.

    Note: Any unused data allowance will be lost and can't be transferred.

    Once you've deleted your prepaid account, visit the new Verizon Plan page or call us at (800) 256-4646 to sign up for the new Verizon Plan.

  6. How do I activate my iPad?

    To activate iPad on a standard plan, like the new Verizon Plan, call (800) 256-4646.

    To activate a prepaid iPad:

    1. On your iPad, tap Settings.
    2. Tap Cellular Data.
    3. Tap View Account.
    4. Tap Set Up New Account.
    5. Enter your user information.
    6. Select a data plan.
    7. Enter your payment information.
    8. Tap Next.
    9. Tap Agree to accept the Terms & Conditions.
    10. Tap Submit.
    11. A confirmation message will appear. Tap OK.

    You've successfully activated your prepaid iPad.

  7. Is there an activation fee for iPad?

    There are no activation fees for the prepaid month-to-month service options payable with a credit/debit card. Activation fees apply for all standard plans, like the new Verizon Plan, including unlimited options.

  8. Can I add apps that I purchased through iTunes®, iPhone® or another iPad to my new iPad?

    Yes, during the iPad setup process, you can sync to your iTunes account, which will add all compatible apps to your new iPad. Another option is to restore your apps from iCloud®.

    Note: Connect to Wi-Fi prior to restoring from iCloud to avoid using your data allowance.

  9. What accessories are available for my iPad?

    Visit our iPad Accessories Shop page to see all accessories we sell for all iPads.

  10. Is my iPad a World Device?

    Yes, if you have the new Verizon Plan (including unlimited options), The Verizon Plan, or The MORE Everything Plan, you can use data in over 200 countries. This includes global roaming on GSM and LTE networks around the world.

    • For help with pricing options and coverage, use our International Trip Planner.
    • For more information regarding an International Data Plan that fits your needs, visit our International Travel page.
    • International Roaming isn't available on prepaid plans.
  11. Can I use the Apple Pay feature on my iPad?

    Yes, the Apple Pay feature is compatible with in-app purchases only on the iPad Air™ 2 and iPad mini™ 3. Refer to the Initial Setup - Apple Pay article for setup and other details.

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