Compose and Send Email Message - Lucid™3 by LG

  1. From a home screen, tap Apps.
  2. From the Apps tab, tap Email.
  3. From an Inbox, tap the Compose icon Compose icon (located in the upper-right).
  4. From the To field, enter the recipient's name or email address.
    Note As the recipient's name or email address is entered, a list of matching contacts may appear and can be taped at any time.
  5. From the Subject field, enter a subject.
  6. From the main body of the message, enter a message.
    Note To add an attachment:
    1. Tap the Paperclip icon (located in the upper-right).
    2. Tap the attachment type (e.g. Picture, Video, Audio, Email, etc.).
    3. Navigate to and tap the preferred attachment.
  7. Tap Send.