Access Basic Visual Voicemail - Samsung

Caution Visual Voicemail may not be accessible if using Power Saving Mode.

Note If you're having trouble accessing voicemail, view this Video video.

  1. Ensure Visual Voicemail has been activated.
  2. From the Apps screen, tap the Voice Mail icon Visual Voice Mail icon.
  3. Tap Continue.
    Tap Continue
  4. To continue, review the Visual Voicemail Terms & Conditions then tap Accept.
    Tap Accept
  5. Tap Continue.
    Tap Continue
  6. Select a language then tap Next.
    • English
    • Spanish
    Tap Next
  7. Enter the Voicemail password and confirm it by re-entering it then tap Next.
    Tap Next
  8. Select a greeting option then tap Next.
    • Greeting with Telephone Number
    • Greeting with name
    • Custom greeting
    Tap Next
  9. Select a greeting instruction option then tap Next.
    • Don't play instructions after my greeting.
    • Play instructions after my greeting.
    Tap Next
  10. Tap Continue.
    Tap Continue

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