Google Backup and Restore - HTC One® remix

  1. From a Home screen, tap Apps Apps icon (located at the bottom).
  2. Tap Settings.
    Note If unavailable, tap the dropdown menu Applications dropdown menu icon (located in the upper left) then tap Alphabetical. If still unavailable, refer to Manage App Icons.
  3. From the PERSONAL section, tap Backup & reset.
  4. From the BACKUP section, ensure the appropriate account is selected from the Backup account field then configure the following:
    Back up my data
    Back up app data, Wi-Fi passwords and other settings to Google's servers.
    Note Enabled when set to On switch.
    Note If data back up is disabled, existing backups are deleted from Google's servers.
    Automatic restore
    When reinstalling an app, restore backed up settings and data.
    Note Enabled when a check mark Checkbox icon is present.