Activate Basic Visual Voicemail - Motorola

Note Only Basic Voicemail is available for devices active on prepaid plans.

  1. Launch Visual Voicemail Visual Voice Mail icon.
  2. From the setup screen, tap Continue.
    Welcome Screen
  3. To continue, review the Terms and Conditions and then tap Accept.
  4. Tap a Voicemail language then tap Next.
    Language Screen
  5. If presented, enter the voicemail password then tap Next.
    Linote The Visual Voicemail password is the same as the standard Voicemail password. For assistance with resetting the password, refer to Reset Voicemail Password.
    Note The password can't have repeating or consecutive digits (e.g., 1111, 1234).
    Password Screen
  6. Select a Voicemail greeting option then tap Next:
    • Greeting with telephone number
    • Greeting with recorded name
      1. Tap Record to record a name then tap Stop.
      2. Tap Next.
    • Custom greeting
      1. Tap Record to record a custom greeting then tap Stop.
      2. Tap Next.
    Greeting Screen
  7. Select a voicemail prompt then tap Next, which will take you to the Inbox:
    • No instructions
    • Instructions after greeting
    Prompt Screen


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