LG G3 - Activate / Set Up Device

If you are upgrading your existing Verizon device, follow these steps to activate before proceeding with the instructions below.

Caution To avoid potential issues, review the following:

  • If performing first time (out-of-the-box) setup, ensure the SIM card is inserted.
  • Accounts (e.g., Gmail, email, etc.) should be set up after activating the device (see Related Topics).
  • To activate the device on prepaid service, refer to Set up Verizon Prepaid Service.

  1. If the device is powered off, press and hold the Power button (located on the back) until the LG logo appears then release.
  2. Select the appropriate language option then tap the NEXT .
    Note Allow several seconds for activation to complete.
  3. From the Phone activation screen, tap NEXT .
  4. From the Verizon Cloud screen, tap SKIP then tap NOT NOW.
    Note To add Verizon Cloud after initial setup, from a Home screen navigate: Apps icon Apps icon > Verizon Verizon folder > Cloud.
  5. From the Email Accounts screen, tap SKIP.
  6. From the "Got another device?" screen, select one of the following then tap Next (located in the lower-right):
    • Copy your Google accounts, apps, and data from your other device
      Note If selected, follow the onscreen instructions to copy content from another Android device.
    • No thanks
  7. From Add your account (google) the Got Google screen, navigate: SKIP > SKIP.
  8. From the Name screen, enter the first and last names, tap NEXT .
  9. Enable any of the following then tap NEXT :
    Note Enabled when a check mark is present
    • Use Google's location service
    • Help improve location accuracy
    • Help improve your Android experience
  10. From the Summary screen, tap DONE.

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