Push to Talk Plus - Edit Groups

Note Notes:

  • Ensure the PTT+ app has been updated to the most recent version for Android™ or iOS.
  • Contact your corporate admin if you're unable to create a personal group.


  1. From a Home screen, tap the Push To Talk+ app or navigate: Apps > Push To Talk+.
  2. From the Groups tab, tap and hold the appropriate group then tap Show details.
  3. From Group Details, do any of the following then tap the Save icon Done icon:
    Note A group name and a single member are the items required to save a group.
    Group details
    • To edit the Group name:
      1. Tap the existing group name field.
      2. Enter the appropriate name.
    • To add members to the group:
      1. Tap Add Member(s).
      2. Select the appropriate contact(s).
        Note Selected when a check mark is present.
      3. Tap the Save icon Done icon.
    • To remove members from the group:
      1. Tap and hold the appropriate group member.
      2. Tap Remove Member.
      3. From the Confirm prompt, tap Yes.
        Note Repeat steps 1-3 as necessary to remove additional members.
    • To rename members of the group:
      1. Tap and hold the apporopriate group member.
      2. Tap Rename Member.
      3. Tap the existing member name field.
      4. Enter the appropriate name then tap Save.
        Note Repeat steps 1-4 as necessary to rename additional members.
    • To edit the Group color:
      • Tap Color then select a color from the list.
    • To edit the Group avatar:
      • Tap the Default icon (in the upper left) then select an avatar from the list.
        Note Alternately, tap the Camera or Gallery icons to take or select a photo to use as an avatar.
      Group details icon options


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