Push to Talk Plus - Place or Receive Group Calls

Note Notes:

  • Ensure the PTT+ app has been updated to the most recent version for Android™ or iOS.
  • Calls can only be completed to contacts that are in 'Available' status. Attempting to call a contact whose status is 'Offline' or 'Do Not Disturb' results in an error message.
  • With Group Advanced Feature you can place an 'Urgent Call, that provides a distinct tone and is the highest priority call.


Place Calls

  1. From a Home screen, tap the Push To Talk+ PTT icon app or navigate: Apps > Push To Talk+.
  2. From the Groups tab, select the appropriate group.
    Note To make a Quick Group Call, select individual contacts from the Contacts tab.
    Push to Talk Plus group call ready screen
  3. From the Ready screen, touch and hold the PTT icon PTT talk and wait for the chirp tone (call is connected).
    Note The PTT icon turns red, indicating your voice can be heard by the other call participants.
    Note Release the PTT icon to allow the other call participants to speak.
  4. To end the call, tap End End PTT call icon.
    Push to Talk Plus group call ready screen


Receive Calls

  • If a PTT+ call is received while on another call, a Missed Call alert appears. The missed PTT+ call can be returned directly from the alert by tapping Reply.
  • If a regular phone call comes in while on a PTT+ call, you can answer that call and put the PTT+ call on hold.


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