Create a New Google™ Account - HTC One® remix

If you already have an account, refer to Add an Existing Google Account.
  1. From a home screen, tap Apps Apps icon (located at the bottom).
  2. Tap Google.
  3. Tap Gmail.
    Note If unavailable, tap the dropdown menu Applications dropdown menu icon (located in the upper left) then tap Alphabetical. If still unavailable, refer to Manage App Icons.
  4. Tap New.
  5. Enter the appropriate information into the following fields then tap Next (arrow icon at bottom-right of the screen).
    • First name
    • last name
  6. Enter a unique username (Google email address) then tap Next.
  7. Tap Next (located in the lower-right).
  8. Enter a password into the following fields then tap Next.
    Note The password must be at least 8 characters.
    • Type a password
    • Re-type password
  9. Tap a security question:
    • First phone number?
    • Childhood best friend's name?
    • First teachers name?
    • Manager's name at first job?
    • Vehicle registration number?
  10. Enter the answer to the security question.
  11. Enter a recovery email address then tap Next.
    Note If the password is lost and a security question is answered correctly, a reset link is sent to the recovery email address.
  12. Tap Not now.
  13. Tap an option then tap Next.
    Note Item is selected when a check mark is present.
    • Turn on web history
    • Keep me up to date with news and offers from Google Play.
  14. For authentication, enter the text that is seen in the captcha box then tap Next.
  15. Tap the appropriate synchronization setting (e.g. Sync Contacts, Sync Calendar, etc.) then tap Next.
    Note Item is selected when a check mark is present.


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