Customize Kid's Corner Start Screen - HTC One® (M8) for Windows®

Note Kid's Corner must be enabled in Settings to access the app.

  1. From the Lock screen, swipe right to display the Kid's corner start screen.
    linote To access the lock screen, press the Power button to turn the display off then press the power button again to turn the display on.
    Lock Screen
  2. From the Kid's Corner start screen, swipe up to access Kid's Corner.
  3. Tap Customize.
    Select Customize
  4. Set the preferred settings for the following customize options: Set Settings Options


Name your Kid's Corner

Enter the appropriate information in the Name your Kid's Corner field.
Enter Name




Choose Picture

  1. Tap the choose picture dropdown menu.
    Choose Picture
  2. Tap the appropriate picture folder (e.g., Camera Roll, Saved Pictures, etc.)
    linote If applicable, swipe left or right to view folder types (e.g. albums, date, favorites, etc.).
    Select Picture Folder
  3. Tap the picture to view then tap Save (check mark icon located at the bottom).
    linote If presented, set the crop area.
    Select Picture





  1. Tap the Background dropdown menu.
    Background Drop Down Menu
  2. Choose one of the following settings:
    • light
    • dark
    Select Background Setting




Accent color

  1. Tap the Accent color dropdown menu.
    Accent Color Drop Down Menu
  2. Choose one of the following settings:
    • lime
    • green
    • emerald
    • teal
    • cyan
    • cobalt
    • indigo
    • violet
    • pink
    • magenta
    • crimson
    • red
    • orange
    • amber
    • yellow
    • brown
    • olive
    • steel
    • mauve
    • taupe
    • sapphire
    Select Accent Color Setting