Send Contact via Bluetooth® - HTC One® (M8) for Windows®

  1. From the Start screen, swipe left to display the Apps list.
    Note Alternatively, tap All apps Right arrow icon (located in the lower-right; may require scrolling to the bottom of the Start screen).
  2. Tap People.
  3. Tap a contact.
  4. Tap More More icon (located in the lower-right).
  5. Tap share contact.
  6. Tap share Share icon (located at the bottom).
  7. Tap Bluetooth.
    Note If the option is not available, ensure that Bluetooth is turned on (enabled).
  8. Tap a device.
    Note To appear in the Bluetooth devices list, the recipient's device must be discoverable.
    Note To complete the transfer, the recipient must accept the file.