SideSync - Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Note Notes:

  • The SideSync feature gives you the ability to do the following:
    • View your smartphone's screen on your tablet.
    • Transfer files, photos and websites from your smartphone to your tablet and vice versa.
    • Place and receive calls on your tablet.
  • Ensure the SideSync app is installed on a compatible Samsung smartphone prior to using this feature on the tablet.
  • Ensure Wi-Fi Direct is enabled on the tablet.


  1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps icon Apps icon > SideSync 3.0.
  2. Open the SideSync app on the compatible smartphone.
  3. From available devices prompt on tablet, tap the applicable device name,
  4. If prompted with 'Allow connection?' on the smartphone, tap OK.
    Note The screen on the compatible smartphone turns off then appears on the tablet.
  5. Once connected, tap the onscreen icons to complete the following actions:
    Note To place or receive a call, tap the appropriate calling icons from the image of your smartphone.
    Note Icons display on image of connected smartphone.
    options View additional options
    Change view landscape and portrait Switch between landscape and portrait mode (located under additional options)
    Screenshot Capture a screenshot of the connected device (located under additional options)
    Minimize view Minimize the SideSync app
    Maximize view View the connected device in full screen
    Close SideSync End connection and close SideSync