Quick Settings - Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

note The Quick Settings buttons (located in the Notification panel) provide quick access to commonly used device functions.

Where available, swipe down on the status bar (located at the top) to reveal the Notification panel.
Note To view all available quick setting buttons, tap the View All icon Notification icon (located in the upper-right).
Note To rearrange quick setting buttons:

  1. Tap the Edit icon Edit icon.
  2. From the Available buttons section, tap and drag the desired button to its preferred location in the Active Buttons section then release.
    Note The Notification panel displays up to 10 active buttons.
  3. Tap a Quick Setting button to enable (green) or disable (blue) a function (e.g., Wi-Fi, Location, Screen rotation). Other functions include:
    Smart pause
    Pauses a video automatically when you stop looking at the screen.
    Adaptive display
    Automatically adjusts screen brightness to environment around you.
    Displays a floating menu of common Home screen icons that can be accessed from any screen.