Health App - Apple® iPhone® - Create Medical ID

Note The Health app requires iOS 8 or later on an iPhone 4S or later. 

  1. From the Home screen, tap Health.
    Health App
  2. Tap Medical ID.
    Note The Medical ID can be viewed when the iPhone is locked by tapping Emergency then Medical ID.
    Medical ID
  3. Tap Create Medical ID.
    Create Medical ID
  4. Verify the Show When Locked switch is turned on Switch On.
    Show When Locked Switch
  5. Enter your name in the Name field.
    Enter Name
  6. Tap add photo.
    Add Photo
  7. Tap the photo option:
    • Take Photo
    • Choose Photo
    Photo Option
  8. Take or choose the photo.
    Take or Choose Photo
  9. Tap add birthdate.
    Add Birthdate
  10. Select your birthdate.
    Select Birthdate
  11. Tap a medical information field then enter the appropriate info:
    • Medical Conditions
    • Medical Notes
    • Allergies & Reactions
    • Medications
    Medical Information
  12. Tap add emergency contact then select a contact.
    Emergency Contact
  13. Tap add blood type then select your blood type.
    Blood Type
  14. Tap add organ donor then select if you are an organ donor.
    Orgran Donor
  15. Tap add weight then select your weight.
  16. Tap add height then select your height.
  17. Tap Done.


Note For additional info, refer to Apple article: Use Health on your iPhone or iPod touch.