Update an Existing Contact via Basic Visual Voicemail - Sony

To add the info to a new contact, refer to Create a New Contact via Visual Voicemail.

  1. If applicable, log in to Visual Voicemail.
  2. From the Inbox, touch and hold the Avatar icon Avatar icon (located to the left of the appropriate contact).
  3. Tap the Edit icon Edit icon (located in the upper-right).
  4. If preferred, enter additional info (e.g., Email address, Organization, etc.) then tap Save (located in the upper left).
    Note To change the account type, tap the Dropdown menu Dropdown menu then select the desired account (e.g., Phone, Google, etc.).
    Note Depending upon the account type, the options presented may vary.
    Note To add more fields:
    1. Tap Add another field (located at the bottom).
    2. Select applicable fields from the list.
    3. Enter the appropriate info.


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