Apple® iPad® - Record a Time Lapse Video

Note Notes:

  • With the Time-Lapse option, the camera snaps pictures at selected time intervals. A video is created from the images captured.
  • Time-Lapse is only available with device software version iOS 8 or higher. To determine the device software version, refer to View Software Version.


  1. From a Home screen, tap Camera Camera icon.
  2. Move the list of camera options (e.g., PHOTO, VIDEO, PANO, etc.) up or down until 'Time Lapse' appears below the camera start/stop button.
  3. Aim, then tap the Start/Stop button Start icon to start recording the time-lapse video.
  4. Tap the Start/Stop button Stop icon to stop recording the time-lapse video.
    Note The volume keys on the side of the device can also be used to start/stop recording video.