Samsung Galaxy Note® 4 - Quick Settings

Note The quick setting buttons (located in the Notification panel) provide fast and ready access to separate device functions.

  1. Where available, swipe down on the status bar (located at the top) to reveal the Notification panel.
  2. To view all available quick setting buttons, tap the Notification icon Notification icon (located in the upper-right).
  3. To rearrange quick setting buttons:
    1. Tap the Edit icon Edit icon (located in the upper right).
    2. From the 'Available buttons' section, touch and hold the applicable button then drag it onto the 'Active buttons' section.
      Note The Notification panel displays up to 10 'Active Buttons.'
  4. Tap a quick setting button to enable (green) or disable (blue) a function (e.g., Wi-Fi, Location, Screen rotation, etc.). Other functions include:
    • Quick connect: Allows connectivity to/from compatible nearby devices for content sharing.
    • Car mode: Utilizes the S Voice feature for voice services while driving.
    • Private mode: Allows personal content to be hidden from other users of the device. Navigate Apps > Settings > Private mode to customize.
    • Smart stay: Allows screen to stay on as long as it is being looked at.