Manage the Call Reject / Ignore List - HTC Desire 612

Note Calls from contacts or phone numbers added to the reject list are automatically ignored. An incoming call notification isn't displayed and the call is forwarded to voice mail.

  1. From a Home screen, tap the Apps icon Apps icon (located at the bottom).
  2. Tap People.
  3. Tap the the Menu icon Menu icon (located in the upper-right).
  4. Tap Manage contacts.
  5. Tap Blocked contacts.
  6. View or edit the list as desired.
    • To add a contact or number to the list:
      1. Tap the Add icon + (located in the upper-right).
      2. Select one of the following:
        • Choose from contacts
          1. Select a contact(s) from the list.
            Note Selected when a check mark is present.
            Note Alternatively, tap Search people (located at the top) to search and select a contact.
          2. Tap SAVE.
        • Add number
          1. From the Add number prompt, enter the applicable number.
          2. Tap OK.
    • To remove a contact or number from the list:
      1. Tap the Menu icon Menu icon.
      2. Tap Remove block contacts.
      3. Select the contact(s) or number(s) to remove.
        Note Selected when a X is present.
      4. Tap REMOVE.
      5. Tap OK.

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