Record and Send Video via Messaging - Samsung Brightside™

To send a video that you've already recorded, refer to Send an Existing Video via Messaging.

  1. From the main screen, press and hold the Camera button (located on the right side of the handset).
  2. Aim then press the Camera button to begin recording.
  3. When finished, press the Camera button to discontinue recording.
  4. Press the End button.
  5. Press the Back button to return to the Home screen.
  6. Tap Media Center.
  7. Tap Picture & Video.
  8. Tap My Videos.
  9. Tap a video.
  10. Tap Send.
  11. Tap Video Message.
  12. Tap Add Recipient.
  13. Tap a contact(s) then tap Done.
  14. Select then enter any of the following as preferred then tap Done.
    • Text
    • Subject
    • Name card
    • Calendar event
  15. Tap Send.