Edit a Contact - Casio G'zOne Commando® 4G LTE

  1. From a Home screen, tap the Apps icon (located at the bottom).
  2. Tap People.
  3. Touch and hold a contact.
  4. Tap Menu Menu Key (located below the display at the far right).
  5. Tap Edit.
  6. Edit any of the following information then tap Done.
    Note To view additional options or to add an entry, tap the Right arrow or Plus (+) symbol located to the right of the option.
    Note Depending upon the location/account (e.g. Phone Contact, GoogleTM, etc.), the contact options presented may vary.
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Phone
      Note To add a pause (a 2-second delay between numbers) or wait, tap *#(, tap Pause/Wait, then tap Save.
    • Email
    • IM
    • Ringtone
    • Groups
    • Postal address
    • Organization
    • Event
    • More


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