DROID TURBO by Motorola - Migrate™

Note Notes:

  • Motorola Migrate wirelessly transfers photos, music, text messages, call history, contacts and more from your current Android-based smartphone to your new Motorola smartphone.
  • Motorola Migrate can only transfer media from devices running Android 2.2 (Froyo) and above.
  • To migrate data to a new device, the Motorola Migrate app must be installed on both devices.

  1. Launch the Motorola Migrate app on both the new and current device.
    note From a Home screen, navigate: Apps Apps icon > Migrate.
  2. From the "Migrate your stuff" screen on the new device (the device to which data will be transferred), tap Next (located in the lower-right).
    note If necessary, ensure the appropriate mode is selected. Tap Send data FROM this device to transfer data from the device.
  3. From the "Get your stuff" screen, enable any of the following then tap Next:
    note Enabled when a check mark is present.
    • Contacts
    • Messages
    • Photos
    • Video
    • Music
    • Call logs
  4. From the "Transfer from this phone" screen on the current device (the device from which data will be transferred), tap Next (located at the bottom).
  5. From the new device, tap Next then scan the QR code displayed on the new device.
    note Utilizing the camera on the current device, ensure the QR code displayed on the new device aligns inside the blue square until the "Connecting your phones" confirmation message appears.
    note Allow several minutes for the transfer to complete.
  6. From the confirmation screen on both devices, tap Exit (located at the bottom).