Hub Preferences - BlackBerry® Hub - BlackBerry® Z30

  1. From the Home screen, tap BlackBerry Hub.
    Note Alternatively, swipe right until the BlackBerry Hub appears.
  2. Tap More More icon (located in the lower-right) then tap Settings.
  3. Tap Hub Management.
  4. Select any of the following to configure:
    • Notifications
    • BBM
    • Text Messages
    • Email Accounts
    • Calls
    • Emergency Alerts
    • PIN Messages
  5. To configure settings for Notifications, BBM, Text Messages, etc:
    1. From the 'Show in' section, select a location option:
      • Show in Hub Only
      • Show in Separate Account Only
      • Show in Both
    2. Tap the 'Account Color' Dropdown menu then select the desired color.


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