Download and Install Verizon Tones (V CAST Tones) - Handsets

  1. From the main screen, select Menu.
    Select Media Center
  2. Select Media Center.
    Select Media Center
  3. Select Apps.
    Select Apps
  4. Select Shop Apps.
    Select Shop Apps
  5. Select Music and Tones.
    Select Music and Tones
  6. Select Verizon Tones (V CAST Tones).
    Select Verizon Tones
  7. Select Buy FREE Download.
    Select Buy FREE Download
  8. Select Download.
    Select Download
  9. Select Launch Verizon Tones (V CAST Tones).
    Select Launch Verizon Tones
  10. To continue, review the Terms and Conditions then select Yes to continue.
    Select Yes