Prevent Dust / Water Damage - GizmoPal™ by LG

 The LG GizmoPal is rated IPX3, using the Ingress Protection rating system. The dust rating is X which indicates the device does not provide dust protection. The water resistance rating is 3 (water falling as a spray at any angle up to 60 feet from the vertical will not have a harmful effect). Despite this classification, your device is not impervious to water damage in any situation.

Follow these tips carefully to prevent damage to your device:

  • Do not immerse your device in water.
  • Do not expose your device to water at high pressure, such as ocean waves or a waterfall.
  • If your device or your hands are wet, dry them thoroughly before handling the device.
  • Do not expose your device to salt water, ionized water or soapy water.
  • If your device is dropped or receives an impact, the water features of your device may be damaged.
  • If the microphone or the speaker is wet, sound may not be heard clearly during a call. Ensure the microphone or the speaker is clean and dry by wiping it with a dry cloth.
  • If your device gets wet, dry it thoroughly with a clean soft cloth.