Link to Android™ - GizmoPal™ by LG


  • It is necessary for the GizmoPal band to link to the caregiver's Android smartphone for the device to function properly.
  • Take the below steps if the Gizmo does not link to the smartphone during activation:

  1. Ensure the primary caregiver has an Android smartphone (OS 5.0 or higher) with a data plan and has data coverage.
  2. Ensure the primary caregiver has the GizmoHub app installed.
  3. Ensure the date and time settings on the smartphone are set automatically.
  4. Ensure the primary caregiver has entered the correct mobile number for the GizmoPal.
    Primary caregiver follows the instructions on the app to enter the needed information. The device announces when the caregiver needs to press the Call button on the GizmoPal to link it to the caregiver's phone.
    If the primary caregiver is not prompted to press the Call button and does not see the double-blink (blue), then the caregiver phone is not communicating with the GizmoPal. Try turning Wi-Fi off and linking again. Here are possible causes:
    • Caregiver entered the wrong GizmoPal device mobile number.
    • GizmoPal device mobile number has an SMS (i.e., text messaging) block or short code messaging is not working properly.
    • GizmoPal device is not in a 1X coverage area.
    • Phone does not have data coverage.
    • Phone has a Caller ID block.

    USB Flap
    Band Code
  5. If the caregiver hears the audible prompt to press the GizmoPal button, ensure the caregiver presses the Call button to link the GizmoPal to the caregiver device.
    If the primary caregiver does not hear this announcement, the caregiver entered the wrong GizmoPal device code.