Download/Install BlackBerry® Desktop Manager - Windows®


  • This article does NOT apply to BlackBerry OS 10 devices. To access, sync and organize content with BlackBerry10 devices, BlackBerry Link must be installed.
  • If upgrading BlackBerry Desktop Manager, it is recommended to uninstall the previous version before proceeding. Refer to Perform a clean uninstall of BlackBerry Desktop Software for assistance.
  • Administrator privileges may be required in order to install / uninstall. Contact the local IT Administrator for assistance.


  1. Close all open apps.
  2. Launch an Internet browser then navigate to the BlackBerry Desktop software download page.
     Alternatively, enter the URL / Web Address:
  3. From the "For PC Users" section, click Download for PC.
  4. From the software download, click Download.
  5. If prompted, select a location (e.g., Desktop) then click Save.
    The filename may differ depending upon software version. 
  6. Locate then double-click the downloaded file.
    If prompted, click Continue.
  7. Ensure the appropriate language is selected then click OK
  8. Click Next.
  9. Ensure the appropriate country or region is selected then click Next
  10. Review the License Agreement. To continue the install, ensure "I accept the terms in the license agreement" is selected then click Next
  11. Click Next
  12. Click Next
  13. Click Finish.
    Refer to Initial Setup for additional assistance.