Delete and Recreate Manual Dial-Up Networking (DUN) Connections - Windows® 7

Note If your Windows operating system is unknown, refer to Determining Software Version - Windows.

  1. Close any open apps then ensure that the wireless device is inserted/connected to the computer.
  2. From the Windows 7 desktop, click Start > (Settings) > Control Panel > (Network and Internet) > Network and Sharing Center.
  3. Click Change adapter settings (located in the upper left corner).
  4. Right-click the desired connection to remove then click Delete.
  5. Click Yes to confirm deletion.
  6. Click the Back icon (the arrow pointing left, located in the upper left corner).
  7. From the "Network and Sharing Center" window, click Set up a new connection or network (located within the "Change your networking settings" section).
  8. Select Connect to the Internet.
  9. Select "Set up a dial-up connection" then click Next.
  10. If presented, select the appropriate modem.
  11. Enter the following connection settings then click Connect:
    Note If desired to save the password, select (check) Remember this password.
    • Dial-up phone number: #777
    • User name: 10-digit mobile
    • Password: vzw
    • Connection name: vzw
  12. If presented, select the desired location.
    • Home network
    • Work network
    • Public network
  13. Click Close.


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