Configure VZAccess Manager - Macintosh®

Note Notes:
  • If the VZAccess Manager Setup Assistant does not begin automatically, navigate: Finder > Applications > VZAccess Manager to launch the application. From the Menu Bar, click Options > Run Setup Assistant.
  • VZAccess Manager version 7 or higher does not require configuration. These steps will not be available.


  1. From the VZAccess Manager Setup Assistant, click Continue.
  2. From the 'Delete VZAccess  Manger Accounts' screen, click Continue.
    Note If this is the continuation of a software installation proceed to step 3.
  3. Ensure the desired option is selected then click Continue.
    • Detect AirPort (Wi-Fi) adapter only
      Note If selected, skip to step 10, when the Setup Assistant completes only Wi-Fi connections will be available.
    • Detect WWAN device (mobile phone or PC Card) only
    • Detect both AirPort and WWAN devices
      Note Apple Computer provides support for AirPort connectivity.
  4. Insert the PC Card or connect the wireless device via USB then click Continue.
    Note If using Bluetooth® refer to Creating a Bluetooth® paired connection - Macintosh® OS X for additional assistance.
    Detecting Device screen with focus on continue
  5. From the 'Select Wireless Account' screen, click Continue.
  6. If prompted, enter the device's 10-digit mobile number then click Continue.
  7. If prompted, enter the mame/password then click OK.
    Note If the administrator credentials are not known, contact the system administrator.
  8. From the 'Setting Up Wireless Account...' screen, click Continue.
  9. From the 'Wireless Account Setup Complete' screen, click Continue.
  10. From the 'Setting up Airport (Wi-Fi)' screen, click Continue.
  11. Click Close.