Move Music Files from Device - BlackBerry® Classic

This helps you move or transfer music between your device and a computer/PC.

Note Notes:


  1. On the phone, ensure USB Mass Storage Mode is turned on.
    1. From the Home screen, tap Settings Settings icon.
      Note If not available, swipe down from the top of the display (where the time is located).
    2. Tap Storage and Access Storage and Access icon.
    3. Scroll down to and tap the 'USB Mass Storage' On/Off switch to turn on On indicator.
    4. If presented with 'When USB mass storage is turned on...', tap OK.
  2. Connect the BlackBerry smartphone to the computer using the supplied USB cable.
  3. From the computer, launch File Explorer, Windows Explorer, or Finder.
    Note For File Explorer or Windows Explorer, press the Windows+E keys (windows key logo+E) using the computer keyboard.
    Note For Finder, click the Finder icon located on the dock.
  4. From File/Windows Explorer or Finder, click the device name.
    Note On Windows, the BlackBerry device name (which may vary) appears as a network drive.
    Note On Macintosh, the BlackBerry device name appears as an IP address and is presented as a shared drive.
  5. Locate then open the existing music folder.
  6. Utilize the computer to copy music files from the device to the desired location on the computer's hard drive.
  7. Disconnect the USB cable from the computer.


Note In addition to the process outlined below, BlackBerry Link can also be used to transfer media files.