Add or Remove a Trusted Contact - Verizon Smart Family™ App - Android®

Note Notes:

  • Trusted Contacts can always call and text during restricted times.
  • To perform the steps below, you need to:
    • ensure the Smart Family app is installed on the parent device.
    • sign in to the app using a My Verizon user ID or mobile number that has Account Owner or Manager access privileges.
    • ensure the child device is powered off prior to adding or removing blocks, restrictions, limits, etc.


  1. From the Smart Family parent app, select the appropriate family member from the top row of contacts (multiple may appear).
  2. From the Manage controls section, tap Contacts.
  3. Tap Trusted contacts.
  4. Perform any of the following:
  • To add a number:
    1. Tap Trust a number.
    2. Enter the 10-digit number then tap Save.
  • To remove a number:
    1. Tap the X icon located to the right of corresponding number.
    2. To confirm, tap Remove.


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