Import Other Dial-up Accounts - VZAccess® Manager

In addition to the default Verizon Wireless connections, VZAccess Manager enables you to import your existing Internet Service Provider (ISP) dial-up accounts.

  1. Launch VZAccess Manager by double-clicking the VZAccess Manager icon located on the desktop or by selecting Start > Programs (All Programs) > VZAccess Manager.
  2. From the VZAccess Manager interface, select Tools > Dial-Up Accounts > Copy.
  3. Select the desired ISP account then click OK.
  4. The dial-up account will now be displayed. To connect using imported dial-up connection, select the account then click Connect WWAN.
    Note If VZAccess Manager is unable to automatically recognize the existing area code and number, the dial-up number will be displayed and you will be prompted to enter the appropriate area code and number.
    Note VZAccess Manager configures imported accounts to always dial 11 digits. This is done to ensure the accounts will work locally as well as when you are traveling.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Click Dial.